Cool 4x4 Jeeps Off-Road

Cool 4x4 Jeeps Off-Road

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Cool 4x4 Jeeps Off-Road
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Cool 4x4 Jeeps Off-Road Overview


Cool 4x4 Jeeps Off-Road is a terrific new driving simulator online, where you get the chance to get behind the wheel of some really huge trucks, jeeps, monster trucks, or other random cars, in a hypercasual experience with challenges, realistic driving mechanics for the players, and a huge garage which we hope to see you buy and unlock in its totality, to drive all the trucks you dream of!

Drive Cool 4x4 Jeeps Off-Road online!

Use WASD for driving, and R to reset the location in case you have an accident or get stuck, overturn, or are in other problematic situations. You begin with a really big truck, which is even carrying huge logs on it, and you will have to reach and cross the finish line, along the way you will even step on some smaller cars and wreck them,

For each level, you get time challenges, or you need to destroy cars or obstacles in your path, and achieving these goals is going to grant you stars and points in return. You can use them in the garage to add new parts for the vehicles, and unlock new ones, with each new level also giving you different kinds of trucks, like a buggy.

Sometimes you might even drive through the green portal which changes your car to a random one. You will go through swamps, drive through the water, and even jump off ramps, as this is an off-road game, and so will the tracks!

We wish you the best experience for it, so now that you know, feel free to begin, and stick around for more of it to come, as only here is possible to have it!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, R.

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