4x4 Russian Jeeps

4x4 Russian Jeeps

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4x4 Russian Jeeps
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4x4 Russian Jeeps Overview


Where else can you drive 4x4 Russian Jeeps online if not on our website? You can bet that this is very true, which is why we are now delighted to share with everyone here this new car simulator game online, where we've had a ton of fun ourselves already, so you should definitely take into consideration playing this game as well!

Let's drive some 4x4 Russian Jeeps online!

There are a total of four maps you will be able to drive:

  1. Tropical Islands
  2. Frozen River
  3. Swamp
  4. Career

The first one is unlocked, but the others you will buy with coins, and the same goes for the jeeps, as you can use the coins to earn to buy other ones that look better and drive faster.

For each map, you can play in five ways:

  • On the points race: finish the route in the given time by going from checkpoint to checkpoint.
  • Orientation: reach one finish point before time's up.
  • Parking: park in place without crashing.
  • A complex plot: go according to the route on the difficult paths.
  • Free mode: drive anywhere you want, however, you like it.

Use WASD/ARROWS for driving, space for the handbrake, C to change the cameras, and L for the lights. No matter how you play this game, make sure you try it nonetheless and see for yourself how much of a good time it offers you!

How to play?

Use WASD/ARROWS, space, L, and C.



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