4x4 Monster Truck Driving 3D

4x4 Monster Truck Driving 3D

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4x4 Monster Truck Driving 3D
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4x4 Monster Truck Driving 3D Overview


4x4 Monster Truck Driving 3D invites you all to do exactly what the game's title suggests, which is to drive some of the best 4x4 monster trucks, something we invite you to do through 20 levels, each one featuring not just a new track, with each track having its special challenge for you to pass, but also a new truck, so get ready for fun like never before, diversified!

4x4 Monster Truck Driving online in 3D has never been more fun!

We will now give you the title and challenge for each level and know that you can get from one to three stars for each, depending on how well you perform. They are:

  1. Ramp - Distance
  2. Ramp - Height
  3. Hit Ball in Goal
  4. Drive Through Gap
  5. Drive Short Course
  6. Crash Through Cars
  7. Avoid Barrels
  8. Drive Around Bend
  9. Up and Down
  10. Mountain Tops
  11. Avoid Barrels and Cars
  12. Balance
  13. Do a Back Flip
  14. Double Half Life
  15. Roller
  16. Loop da Loop
  17. Long Course
  18. Zig Zag
  19. Hill Climp
  20. Climb the Mountain

Use the WASD keys for steering, and space for braking. Usually, in each level you are also playing against time, so make sure to take that into consideration for your driving. Good luck to you all, and we hope to see you around for more fun to come, of course!

How to play?

Use WASD and the spacebar.

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