Monster Truck Stunt Racing

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What is Monster Truck Stunt Racing?

Monster Truck Stunt Racing

A Monster Truck Stunt Racing game online is not something you wish you were missing out on here, even more so as our team is dedicated to bringing you the best there is in this kind of format, which we've had here before in the past, so we are sure that this new addition is also going to make your day quite better!

Have fun with Monster Truck Stunt Racing online!

Use the Right key to accelerate, or D, and use the Left key to break, or the A key, as you have to give your best at completing each stunt course, which is quite difficult, as you will see because there are traps, pits, obstacles, and tons of dangers, and if you prevail past all of them and reach the end of the course, you win it.

That is how you unlock further courses, as well as other modes of playing, which become more challenging, but also more interesting and fun to go through, we promise! Use J, K, and L for special powers that you can use with the trucks, and buy new ones from the shop as you keep doing a great job!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use A, D, J, K, L.

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