Monster Truck Offroad Driving Mountain

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Monster Truck Offroad Driving Mountain
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What is Monster Truck Offroad Driving Mountain?

Monster Truck Offroad Driving Mountain

Welcome to Monster Truck Offroad Driving Mountain, yet another awesome driving simulator game in 3D, one where you get to drive trucks, SUVs, and, as the title says, Monster Trucks too, all through a mountain terrain that is not easy to navigate, no matter the size of your car, and we're positive you are going to have an experience you won't forget any day soon!

Driving a Monster Truck through an Offroad Mountain is not easy, can YOU do it?

To drive, use the arrows or WASD keys, whichever ones are better suited for you. If you play in the Free Ride mode, just drive with no stress at all, focusing only on the experience you are living.

In the Checkpoint mode you need to reach each checkpoint in the time given to you, or else you lose, and in the Challenge mode, each level features new courses that you have to finish in time without crashing.

Well, falling off the mountains means having to restart the drive no matter in which mode you play, so focus on that and make sure that you improve your driving skills the more that you keep playing. Start now, and enjoy!

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