Animal Evolution Simulator

Animal Evolution Simulator

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Animal Evolution Simulator
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Animal Evolution Simulator Overview


Let's enter the Animal Evolution Simulator online! From a little worm to a big animal, how much can you evolve? Just like in nature, you will start out small, but if you eat enough, you grow large! We're talking about an animal simulation game in 3D, but also a survival game. Yes, it is all of that, and we've already played it, so let us share some insight with you!

Dominate everyone in the Animal Evolution Simulator!

Move around the forest map using WASD. Press space to jump. You start off as warm, and the first things you can eat are mushrooms. They come in a regular size, but also big mushrooms. A bigger size of a vegetable, or fruit means it's harder to eat. To chomp on the food, click when next to it. Make as many clicks as you need to give it enough bites.

To get to the next step in the evolution, fill up the level progress bar below. It's the one in blue. For example, you go from a simple warm to a warm with lots of feet.

Eat up your competition!

If you see other players or other warms, try eating them up too. Do this when they're smaller and less evolved than you. You get to take their level in yours and grow larger. You will also see NPC targets like: hedgehogs, or regular hogs.

The green bar is their health. If you've not got a bigger one (the one in red), you can't eat them. Avoid any animal that is larger than you, because if you get eaten up, you lose. Can you make it from warm to dinosaur?

After exploring the forest, you might end up in the sea, maybe in the desert. Explore new biomes, and eat to grow bigger!

How to play?

Use WASD to move.

Use Space to jump.

Left-Click to attack.

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