Animal Evolution

Animal Evolution

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Animal Evolution
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Animal Evolution Overview


Animal Evolution can only happen in this game if you totally focus on yourselves to achieve it, precisely what you are invited to do at this moment, where all of us here have had a great time taking our worm and making it really big, into a whole new species, something we will teach you how to do right now as well so that you can give this game your very best from the get-go!

Let's help Animal Evolution happen!

Use the mouse if on a computer or the finger if on a mobile device to move your worm around the map, where you need to eat up fruit, destroy trees, eat up larvae, or other full-on worms in order to raise up your level, which is represented by points, but also your size and strength, which will have visual improvements.

As you advance through the levels you earn coins, and you should use them between one another to get upgrades for your worm, so that when you go back out there, you are even stronger, and will be able to thrive and survive for more. Let's begin the evolution right now, and know that there are no limits to where you can take it, so play for however long you wish!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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