Gun Evolution

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What is Gun Evolution?

Gun Evolution

Gun Evolution is here to satisfy your daily need for hypercasual runner games online in 3D, where you take a thing and try to evolve it, grow it bigger, and see how far you can reach with it, which is what you will now do with guns, as you try to take the weapons from their infancy to some futuristic versions so that you can withstand whatever the courses present to you as obstacles!

Let's start the Gun Evolution!

Use the mouse if playing on a computer or use the finger directly on the touch screen if playing on computers, as you need to shoot down the boxes to grab the boxes inside of them, and the number on the boxes shows you how many times they need to be shot.

When you grab the guns, they will be merged with the same guns that you have of the same level, merging them to get them stronger, so that you can shoot down the boxes with bigger numbers on them.

Let's begin right now, only here, and keep going through no matter how hard the levels get, and then tell your friends to check out this or any other games in this genre we offer you, they're always amazing!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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