Weapon Evolution

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Weapon Evolution
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What is Weapon Evolution?

Weapon Evolution

Weapon Evolution is a hypercasual runner game in 3D we would not have dared not to share with you on our website right at this moment, knowing very well that this kind of format is already one of our trendiest, and with guns and other weapons being added into the fold, it is going to raise even more interest by our huge audience!

Let's run through the Evolution of Weapons!

Use the mouse or finger to move your avatar around the course, you start off in the prehistoric age, with just a stick in hand, and then you should move through the gates that give you more years, either through additions or multipliers, so that you advance into a better soldier that wields better weapons.

You might start out with a stick, but you might end up with swords, spears, or even rifles, or futuristic weapons if you reach far enough. Use your evolved weapons to defeat the enemies in your path, and make sure to avoid bad gates, in red, since they will take years off yourself and make you weaker.

At the end of the course comes the bonus multiplier area, where, the more years you have on you, the bigger your score will increase. Each new course gets more difficult than the one prior to it, but we guarantee that even more fun too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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