Draw a Weapon - 2D Puzzle Game

Draw a Weapon - 2D Puzzle Game

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Draw a Weapon - 2D Puzzle Game
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Draw a Weapon - 2D Puzzle Game Overview


Draw a Weapon is a 2D Puzzle Game online we are now very happy to present to you all, as we're talking about a hypercasual puzzle game with drawing and logic elements, stickmen, tons of fun levels, and which gives you the chance to improve your creativity while having fun, something we will teach you now how to do!

Draw a Weapon to win the 2D Puzzle Game!

In each level the white stickman needs help to defeat the red stickmen, which can be one, or more, doing so by drawing a weapon in the bracket given to you for that, which should fall on top of their heads, or just make sure that the weapons destroy them.

That's why you should figure out the best shapes and sizes to draw said weapons and make your attacks. Sometimes you drop weapons on bombs that explode on the stickmen, you might have to drop them through portals, and other logical puzzles arrive, so figure out the best weapon to draw.

If you fail, as you've only got one chance to draw, you have to restart, and we're sure you will eventually figure it out, no matter how difficult the levels become. We wish you the best and hope to see you around for more daily content, we've only just started!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Aleksey Kobyakov

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