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Draw To Kill

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Draw To Kill
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Draw To Kill Overview


Draw To Kill is a game where your character looks like a handyman with a hook, and that might be true, but his real skills are assassination, which is what you are here to help him with in the game known as Draw To Kill, one of the coolest new hypercasual action games with drawing, cutting, fighting, and tons of amazing levels!

Draw To Kill, understood?!

In each level, you need to use the mouse if playing on a computer and the finger if playing on a mobile device in order to draw paths for which your character to go and cut through all the targets of that level, and if you can cut them all down, you clear that level.

In further levels, after trial one, you get more obstacles and traps between you and the targets, so you need to figure out which is the best path to draw in order to hit them while avoiding said dangers, because if you bump into them and they block or kill you, you will have lost that level, simple as that.

Use the coins you earn as rewards to buy new skins as well as new weapons for your avatar, to become stronger and be able to defeat any kind of foe that comes in your path! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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