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Evolution Overview


Evolution is a new idle clicker and builder game all at the same time, an experience that allows you to create a virtual civilization, something we're sure you've never had the chance of doing before, precisely why trying out this game right now is an absolute must, believe us, and we will give you details on it right now, so you can be positive you do a great job at it!

Make Evolution happen on the planet!

You will have a smiling planet that rotates in the center of the screen and below it various buildings that you can place on it so that you raise and evolve civilization, and as you do it, you earn more points, which you can then use to buy even more expensive buildings.

The more of them you raise, the more points you earn automatically, but it also raises the prices of buildings, so you will need all that 'money', for sure. Now that we are positive you understood everything, feel confident to start building and growing your planet right now, and see how far you can take everything!

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