Police Evolution Idle

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What is Police Evolution Idle?

Police Evolution Idle

Police Evolution Idle is a new kind of RPG game online, one of the best police games 3D we have had here in quite a while, where you try to become the ultimate cop in your precinct, through evolution, step by step, and we're sure that you are going to have a blast doing it, just like it had been the case for our team before sharing the game with you directly!

Play the best Police Evolution Idle game online!

You can use WASD, the ARROWS, or the MOUSE to move around with your policeman, following the yellow arrows, since they lead you to criminal activity, anything from wrong parking to jaywalking, traffic controls you need to make, or even robbers that you need to stop in the act.

Go around, perform your duties as a policeman, and then bring back the money you earn to the police station, where you can make it bigger, and better, add new forces, and make your policeman rise in rank as well, as we're sure you would want to become the leader, no?

There are plenty of missions, skins, cars, and fun things to unlock, so the more you play, the better and fresher your experience. Don't stop here either, since the day has more to offer you, and we wish to see you around for it all!

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