Dragon Simulator 3D

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What is Dragon Simulator 3D?

Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D is a special and unique game that allows you to go on a fantasy adventure unlike any others because in most of them you get to interact with dragons by hunting them, riding them, or fighting them, but, as the title suggests, here you get the chance to become a dragon yourself!

Enter the 3D simulator and become the DRAGON you've always dreamt of!

You can choose the dragon you want to be, and there are several types, with their own powers, such as ice, fire, nature, or air. You will have to deal with your usual attackers, such as humans and their brave heroes, but you can take down armies and castles with your breath of fire. Be more careful about magical beings such as trolls, gnomes, or demons.

The more you improve the stats of your dragon, not only will you become stronger, but you can also create your own clan of dragons, and lead them from your den. You won't just lurk around, but complete various quests to gain XP and money, which you can use to change your avatar dragon however you see, or maybe grow his kingdom.

Move with WASD, take off with Q, jump with space, C to fly down, mouse to attack in various ways, H for melee attack, shift to speed up. We wish you the best in your new dragon life, and keep that energy in real life as well!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, mouse, C, H keys.

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