Dragon Games

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What are Dragon Games ?

We needed to have a category dedicated to Dragon Games online, considering that this is constantly one of the most beloved creatures from fantasy media, which stems from myths of the past, and plenty of legends! Stories about knights slaying dragons have been ingrained in cultures across the globe, and their representation is considered by historians to be a mix of features from serpents, crocodiles, lizards, and other reptiles, together with birds, considering that most dragons also have wings.

Of course, we can also consider the scientifically-backed existence of dinosaurs to be an inspiration from them, and the collective memory of them, as well as their large bones found throughout the world might have also served as their inspiration. If people in ancient civilizations found dinosaur bones, they might have probably thought of them as dragons, which are usually given associations with demons, draconian beings, hence their name!

They are known as greedy beings, who like to get treasure, burn towns and cities of people with the fire they spit from their mouths, and usually have magic powers as well. Whether they are fought with swords, arrows, or magic, they are usually villains, although some dragons in stories have been allies and friends!

One thing is clear, children and adults alike are fascinated by these mythological beings, which is why you can find them in stories of the past, as well as of modern times, in media such as:

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Of course, if you think about how life would be as a dragon, being able to fly in the skies, have a really huge body, and spit fire from your mouth, you can check out some Dragon Simulator Games online on our website, where you get to do all that while having adventures.

On the opposite side, go and play fighting games with dragons, where you become knights that have to slay these demonic creatures, all to save princesses, get fame through the lands, and earn their gold, as they are known for their greed, and amassing and holding treasures. Become a Dragon Chaser to do just that!

Whether you are dueling dragons, flying with them, or becoming one, the category is filled with action, fantasy, and adventure elements all into it, which is why most boys and men should want to check it out!

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