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What are Harry Potter Games?

Harry Potter Games is our new super cool category that you definitely have to be playing on our site and manage to determine everything that you want so that everything is going to be in your favor. Believe in everything that you wish because it is going to be the only way in which you would settle down everything that is going so far. This game category is going to be so great and so awesome that you are going to win for sure because we would teach you like that without any problems occurring while staying so. First of all, the best thing that you have to know is the fact that you would be listening to everything that happens in there and would totally behave in the right condition.

Well if you are ready, grind your ears and hear everything that we would like to tell you about Harry Potter. He is the most famous among the wizards. He was named the boy who lived. This happened after the evil wizard Tom Riddle or how was he called Lord Voltmeter, went to his house and murdered his family but her mother castes a spell on Harry so he would not be harmed and lord Voldemort would lose his powers and vanish. Twelve years have passed and it was time for him to go you Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizards even though he did not know he was a wizard until then. Hagrid, the keeper of the school felt really attached to him so he took him there. There is the place where he met Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Those were to be his best friends. Each wizard was to be placed in a different house.

They were all placed to the house of Griffindor. There a lot of things would happen. The headmaster was Albus Dumbledore one of the greatest wizards alive. Another important teacher would be professor Snape. He was the one who dedicated his life to protect harry even though he never told him that and he would make his days a nightmare. McGonagall's teacher is another nice teacher that would make them behave well. In each year something special would happen to those three. In the first, they fought a cave troll, and Harry even met an evil teacher who was about to reborn Voldemort if he did not stop him. In the second one, they fought a basilisk hidden in the chamber of secrets. The third movie would get closer to the death eaters and the servants of Voldemort. Harry finds out that he has a godfather, Sirius Black, who was considered a traitor but it was a wormhole who betrayed his parents not him.

So he came back from Azkaban, the biggest prison, and told him the truth. In the fourth movie, there would be a great competition called the Triwizard Tour and the winner would get eternal glory if he won. Two other schools have joined them there that year so it was quite important. No student that was not above the age of 17 could not participate, but somehow harry was put there and he had to participate. It was all the hand of party crouch jr who served Voldemort because, at the last challenge, the cup was a portal directly to Voldemort. His friend Cedric died there but he managed to escape. In the next two movies, other teachers join the school and a lot of changes during that. Get ready because it seemed test Voldemort had his soul split into 7 pieces and Harry would have to find them all in order to kill him.

The last two movies were those in which there was a war and no one could ever do anything else about it. Harry had to hid because Voldemort's servants were everywhere. He amongst Ron and Hermione had to go and destroy the Horcruxes. In the last movie, they would get back to Hogwarts and the biggest battle was going to be held there. Good versus evil, that was the time when everything was about to be set that day.

Play our super cool games and get the chance to get to know how is it to live like that. Good luck!