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What are Magic Games?

Magic is a special thing, always in the center of attention, that manages to fascinate anyone, especially when we talk about children, who are amazed at every magic trick that a magician or even a wizard manages to do. In the category of magic games, we will try to add all kinds of games inspired by this fantastic world, in which you will have the opportunity to learn some magic tricks or even become a professional magician.

For starters, you should know that every magician has a few things to learn, namely which are the most common objects you have to work with: playing cards, special gifts, a joben, a magic hat, a cape to cover your objects on that you try to make them disappear and reappear at the right time as well as many other things. Most of the time, the tricks you do are put into practice with the help of certain objects that you must first modify, to make them in a special way so that you manage to impress all those who are present at a certain show.

Probably the most famous magicians are those in the Wizards of Waverly Place cartoons, where the animated characters used magic to make their lives easier, and sometimes tried to combine the image to solve everyday problems.