Upside Down Magic: Magic My Way

Upside Down Magic: Magic My Way

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Upside Down Magic: Magic My Way
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Upside Down Magic: Magic My Way Overview

Magic My Way is the new game inspired by the Upside Down Magic series in which you will know the secrets of magic. For beginners, you will have to choose the UDM Training school you want to attend, and here you have to choose one of the following:
  • Flyer: Andres, let's see what you can do without your bag. Pepper Flicked it way up into the sky.  Maneuver through the hoops by moving left and right to see how high you can go. Grab your bag at the top to come back to Earth! What could go wrong?
  • Fluxer: Nory is the first student at Sage Academy, which is why she has to pay attention to every move she makes. The first mission you will do will take you to an adventure game that you will have to control from three different angles: the flying cat, the dolphin, or the kangaroo.
    Each of these animals has an advantage, the cat can fly, the kangaroo can jump, and the dolphin manages to walk through the water. You will have to think about which of these animals you need to transform so that you can complete your mission. The game will have three levels of difficulty, and you must keep your three lives intact. If you fail to avoid the obstacles you face, you will have to start the mission from the beginning.
  • Flicker: Why pick these apples up off the ground when you can flick them? Aim the apples into the matching bucket by licking them. Fill all of the buckets to complete your training. Piece of cake...or pie.
  • Flare: In this mission, you will have to control the smoke as well as possible, so that you can draw all kinds of animals, monsters, or even dinosaurs in the sky.
  • Fluxer Shuffle:  The key to mastering your Fluxer power lies in visualizing what you want to become. Why don't you use your drawing skills and flux into something totally unique?

How to play?

use the mouse to finish all the missions.

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