Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster

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Bubble Monster
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Bubble Monster Overview


Bubble Monster is not the kind of game you would expect from the title, since this is a rhythm game online with action and magic, monsters, and defense elements all into one because monsters in bubbles are attacking your land, so you need to use magic to push them away and prevent their invasion, something we will now teach you how to do, worry not!

Stop the Bubble Monster invasion right now!

There will be eight tracks for you to play in total, and you can choose any of them from the start since they have the same level of difficulty, only different beats, and lengths. When monsters in bubbles appear, click on them to make them disappear with magic, and hit the notes of the songs.

You get points each time you do it, but if you miss the monsters, they will drop to the floor, and if too many of them fall and invade your land, you have missed too many beats and lost the game. We hope that you focus and not let that happen, but win instead, by moving fast from one monster to another, tapping through all their bubbles. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Video Game Preview


Stickman vs Monster School Team

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