Dance Battle 2

Dance Battle 2

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Dance Battle 2
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Dance Battle 2 Overview


One of the best Dance Battle games online that you can find and play on our website has been released right now for each of you, which, despite being an older flash game, has stood the test of time, is really fun and interesting, and it has an easy gameplay we will tell you more about right now, making sure you can give this game your very best!

Can you win the Dance Battle online?

Move around the dance floor using the arrow keys, and press the spacebar when you want to jump. As other dances put out their moves, they will extend various lines, and you have to jump over them, so use the bar then to achieve that, and keep jumping to get into a rhythm and make awesome moves.

After you've avoided their hits multiple times in a row, you are able to make your own moves. So, when you see the arow symbols match on the bottom left, press the identical arrow keys at the same time to hit your dance moves at the right time, according to the rhythm, and win the battles. If you run out of HP because you've been hit with dance moves too much, you lose.

Start right now, and don't stop soon, as we've always got more amazing games in the works here, only for you all!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

Tips & Tricks

  • Jump over the lines that appear on the floor to make jumping dance moves and avoid getting hit.
  • Watch the meter with the arrows to press them from the keyboard at the same time as they hit the notes.
  • Do multipliers and combos of dance moves to win faster!

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