Dance Battle

Dance Battle

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Dance Battle
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Dance Battle Overview


Dance Battle is the latest rhythm game online on our website, where music is a big component, as it always is in this genre, but this time we are focusing more on dancing, as the title suggests, because when you are hitting the notes you are actually making dance moves, and you're also battling it out with the computer, so be more agile and rhythmic to win!

Can you win the online Dance Battle?

Choose the avatar you want to represent you in the battle, and then watch as the dance moves come towards the circle down below, when they match it, click or tap at the same time to hit your mark and make your move. If they are longer, you need to hold the click/tap to make a bigger dance move.

If you can keep at it until the song and dance ends, you win, but if you miss too many dance moves in a row, your opponent is going to win. As you win the dance battles, you get to unlock more avatars to use, as well as keep advancing and battling on harder songs.

We wish you tons of focus, good luck, both needed here, and we hope you're not stopping for a second, since more great games can always be found on our website for free!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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