Potion Flip

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What is Potion Flip?

Potion Flip
Potion Flip is a game in the category of magicians, in which you will have to make friends as much as possible with a magic bottle. The bottle with magic potion is very playful, and its main ability is to jump as much as possible through the room in which it is, but you will have to direct it so that you reach the boiler (pot) with magic where Harry Potter prepares the most the new magic solution.

Pay attention to all the elements around you, try not to take any wrong steps, because it can cost you your life. If you drop the bottle, you will be able to break it and in this way, you will have to answer to the magician. After each level you manage to complete, you will be rewarded with bonus points that can help you increase your level of satisfaction in the game, and with them, you can unlock new levels and missions to start with the magic potion that jumps.

An important thing is that you can make a double jump if you want to get further, but for this, you will have to press twice at different time intervals to be able to jump over obstacles that are further away.

How to play?

Click or tap to flip the potion

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