Harry Potter Match 3

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What is Harry Potter Match 3 ?

Harry Potter Match 3

Harry Potter Match 3 is a new game in which you can test your attention by correctly ordering the characters on the game board. It's a beautiful game with the beloved Harry Potter that everyone has heard about and most of us love it.

The game is similar to candy crush, except that instead of candy, we have Harry Potter characters. The game is structured on levels, which have an increased level of difficulty as they are passed successfully. At each level, you will have a limited time to solve it. You will have to match at least 3 characters in the same row to earn points. Try to solve the level as fast as possible so that in the end you make sure that you manage to win it.

Here you will also meet boosters or special powers that you receive as a gift depending on how many characters you join in the same row. For example, if you manage to unite five characters in the same row, you will receive extra points and extra time to continue the level and manage to collect more coins. The game is suitable to be played with your friends because they can also give you hints to help you identify the matches in the game map faster. You will also have fun together and be able to test your attention together.

Enjoy it!

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How to play?

use the mouse