Broomstick Flight

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What is Broomstick Flight?

Broomstick Flight

Broomstick Flight represents the latest of our Harry Potter Games online, something we are very excited to share with you right now since it is a flying game where you get to do it with the magical brooms you've seen in the film series so much, which is one magical experience we would not have dared not to share with you right now!

Let's start the Broomstick Flight online in Harry Potter!

With the WASD keys you control the directions in which you want to go, and with the F key you blast into the air by accelerating. Go around the locations to avoid the obstacles you might encounter in flight, or play competitively against other wizards to get the ball into the hole more times, like with Quidditch.

There's the free flight mode if you just want to enjoy the experience, in addition to the twenty levels you can attempt to complete, and know that you can unlock four types of brooms, and four characters to use as your skin.

Now that you know how simple and fun it can all be, feel free to start right now, and make sure to tell your friends they can find the most magical games online on our website, and invite them over!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the F key, mouse.

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