Cars Thief Dragon Edition

Cars Thief Dragon Edition

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Cars Thief Dragon Edition
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Cars Thief Dragon Edition Overview


Cars Thief Dragon Edition is our latest addition over to the GTA Games category, which switches things up for this action-adventure series of games, mainly because it poses a question of how much more fun would this world of crime be if it also had dragons in it, and it also answers it, since it is precisely what it has done, so let's combine grit with fantasy in a game like none other before it!

Become a cars thief and a dragon at the same time with one of our best GTA Games!

Move your avatar with the WASD keys, and use F to enter cars and drive them, for which you can use the arrows, or press F next to the dragon to start riding it. If you choose that, use Q to fly and land, space to go up and jump, number keys to walk/run, shift to stop wings, C to go down, left and right mouse buttons for fireballs and fire breaths.

You can go around the city in either your car or on the back of your dragon, where you can burn things, shoot things, create chaos, steal cars and money, kill people, and make sure to do all these crazy Grand Theft Auto things while you avoid the police, since you don't want to get killed, or, worse, taken to jail, right?

This mixture of crime and fantasy is unlike anything else we've had here before, so we truly hope to see you start playing the game right away as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use WASD, mouse, space, Q, C, shift, arrows, number keys.

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