So Different Dragons

So Different Dragons

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So Different Dragons
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So Different Dragons Overview


So Different Dragons is going to be a high-point of today, as we're talking about one of the most fresh clicker games online from our website, which is made even better by the fact that it features these ancient and legendary creatures, which we hope to see you collect them all, and to that purpose, we will now teach you what and how to do it, worry not!

Click to collect all the So Different Dragons!

With the mouse you are going to keep clicking on the screen, starting off with an egg, and then when you crack it, a baby dragon comes out. Then, keep clicking to make progress and evolve it, having to unlock a total of 50 kinds of dragons! Yes, that many, no more, no less!

Click fast so you don't run out of time, shown by a bar at the top, as you need to fill the progress one down below to get to the next dragon, and with the coins you earn you can also buy coin upgrades from the right, so you make things go faster.

Each new dragon is more expensive than the last, so more clicking needs to be done, but we're sure that if you focus and not give up, you will have no issues, and will have a great time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Click fast to not run out of time, and if you have much left between dragons, you get time bonuses!
  • Buy coin upgrades to be able to earn more coins per click!
  • Take screenshots of the dragons you collect with the camera button, and collect them all!

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