Cute Little Dragon Creator

Cute Little Dragon Creator

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Cute Little Dragon Creator
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Cute Little Dragon Creator Overview


If you are the type of girl who loves fantasy dragons, which is something we're already sure is true for boys, then playing a new game on our website such as Cute Little Dragon Creator is definitely going to be a reason for joy, since this is a character creator where you will get to design your own dragon, and we're sure that it will end up looking really cute, just like you imagine it to look like.

How to create your own dragon:

It is not difficult at all, as you will be using the menu to the right side of the screen, where the first thing you choose is the colors of the dragon's skin, and you can add all sorts of interesting patterns on it. You can also modify the shape of its eyes, the ears, choose how its wings look, or the tail.

Then, dress up the dragon if you wish, having customized shoes, hats, bow-ties, scarves, and jewelry you can add to it, which we are sure will help a lot to the cuteness aspect of the dragon's look, no doubt. With the final menu in the game, you get to choose the background your dragon is sitting in front of.

It's all that simple and fun, so start the game right now, and don't hesitate to invite your friends to also give it a shot, they will love it, no doubt about it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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