Undergarf - Bad Monday Simulator

Undergarf - Bad Monday Simulator

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Undergarf - Bad Monday Simulator
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Undergarf - Bad Monday Simulator Overview


Undergarf - Bad Monday Simulator represents a crossover unlike you would have expected to see any time soon, and it is between Garfield Games online, of which we will always bring you simply the best, and Undertale Games, based on the franchise with the same name which is an indie darling with fans all across the internet.

Enter the dreaded Bad Monday Simulator with Undergarf and have fun, if you can!

First, some basic controls: use the arrows to move and jump, Z to confirm, X, to cancel, just like in an old-fashion console game that has now been emulated. The 8bit style of such games is clearly seen in this one, and you will love it.

Know that if you are moving, the orange attacks coming toward you won't hurt at all, and if you are standing still, it is the blue attacks that do not do anything to you.

Undergarf is a character that combines Garfield and Sans, and with him, you can take various decisions, so find the right one for each situation:

  • PRAY
  • ITEM

As you pick one, various mini-games and situations ensue, so take advantage of anything in your possession to win and advance further, strolling along through the nefarious Monday that is even worse than usual!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X keys.

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