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Moscrambulator Overview


We are now elated to once again give you the chance of playing more new and awesome Garfield Games online on our website, precisely what you should be doing right now with Moscrambulator, a unique game unlike you have played here before, and you can never go wrong with this tomcat, so missing out on it would be a big mistake right now!

Play around with Garfield's Moscrambulator!

This game is a character creator game, where you can use the machine of this professor to let it randomly create a superhero, or you can make up your own one with the machine, adding the torso, head, arms, legs, the ones you want, so scramble them around however, your imagination tells you, and don't forget to select a costume as well.

It really is that simple, so now that everything has been understood, start right now, enjoy, and don't stop here, since we always have more great games coming, and today, even more so with Garfield!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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