Krazy Kennel Breakout

Krazy Kennel Breakout

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Krazy Kennel Breakout
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Krazy Kennel Breakout Overview


Help Garfield achieve his Krazy Kennel Breakout in one of the best new platform-adventure games online from his category that we are now happy to share with you, something we have done quite a lot recently, and since we saw how much you love these characters, we knew that a brand new one would still be a great idea!

Do a Krazy Kennel Breakout with Garfield!

First, controls: use right and left to move, the down arrow key to throw dingleballs, and the spacebar for jumping. Throw the dingleballs at the main enemy that you will reach at the end of a level, so make sure that you collect them along the way so that you have ammo.

The pasta power-ups are going to increase your health, so make sure to grab a hold of those too, and to finally escape level, you also need to collect the five keys along the courses.

Those are the basics you needed to know about, so you should now be ready to start giving this game your best right now, after which we hope to see what other great new games you will be trying!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

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