Hairball Hack

Hairball Hack

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Hairball Hack
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Hairball Hack Overview


Our website is always going to be made better by having new Garfield Games online to share with everyone here, which is why right at this moment we are bringing about for you the game called Hairball Hack, where Garfield has a problem with a squirrel that he wants to get, and you will help him do that by hacking hairballs into the Christmas Tree, so this is also a holiday-themed game we want you to play!

Play Garfield's Hairball Hack online right now!

The premise and gameplay are very simple. When the squirrel appears out of the tree, click on it to shoot hairballs at it, and the quicker you are, the higher the chances you will hit it, so make sure that you do it, because you have a limited number of balls you can shoot.

From that number, try to get in as many hits as possible, and the next time you play, be more prepared, and hit the animal even more times, always beating your high score. Let's start right away, only here, and we really hope to have you around for some more, since we're never done with sharing great new games with you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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