Robbie vs Zombies: Tycoon Shooter

Robbie vs Zombies: Tycoon Shooter

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Robbie vs Zombies: Tycoon Shooter
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Robbie vs Zombies: Tycoon Shooter Overview


Robbie vs Zombies is the fight of the day, where you're invited to become a Tycoon Shooter in one of the latest Roblox Games online with shooting, a combo you don't see here very often, as the games in the main series are aimed more towards younger children, so violence is not that prevalent, but we've got you covered in case you were looking for something really exciting, and there's nothing better to raise your heartbeat than having to survive against an onslaught of zombies!

Help Robbie vs Zombies by being the best Tycoon Shooter!

Start off from the safe home base, where you should press the number 1 key to equip yourself with the first gun made available to you, and as you add more weapons to your inventory, you can use the other number keys to change between them or use the mouse wheel.

With the WASD keys, you walk around, as you go out into the simulated Roblox world of this game and encounter blocky zombies at all corners, who are going to slowly or quickly move towards you to attack. If you let them bite you enough to lose your 100 health points, you lose, so don't die, as survival in the zombie apocalypse is your goal.

Instead, shoot them up by clicking in their direction to fire your gun, hold shift to run faster, and press the spacebar to jump. For all these, you've got touch controls on-screen for mobile users on phones or tablets.

Shoot zombies through the city, in the wilderness, or even ruins of old civilizations. You can acquire up to five types of guns and weapons in this game, and with the points you earn, you can collect 50 different pets. They can be summoned to join you in battle, and they will attack zombies too. That's important since hordes of the undead can become really big.

As time passes and you're still alive, the game gives you surprise gifts and bonuses, so don't let yourselves get killed, but shoot up the zombies and save the world!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Hide or run from zombies if they get too much to handle, so that you can regroup and refocus.
  • New bonuses are dropped randomly, so the more you play, the stronger you get.
  • Take advantage of your pet's powers to defeat more zombies!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift, the mouse, number keys.

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