Bobbie's Tower: Robbie

Bobbie's Tower: Robbie

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Bobbie's Tower: Robbie
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Bobbie's Tower: Robbie Overview


Welcome to Bobbie's Tower: Robbie, one of the newest Roblox Games online from our website, but much more than that, as we're talking about an only up parkour game, as the combination between these two genres has always worked very well, and we're sure it will be the case right now as well, with a whole new world to explore and climb up on!

Climb Bobbie's Tower with Robbie!

Move the red ragdoll using the WASD keys, and press the spacebar when you want to jump, looking around with the mouse. You're supposed to climb stairs, platforms, and objects in the world, to always get higher than where you were previously, and keep climbing, to reach the top, which you will be timed for, so try to see how fast you can achieve it!

If you fall, from that point on you need to climb back, so learn from your mistakes, and be more careful when you climb up the next time, and so forth, so you're always doing better than before! It's that simple, and even if this is your first game of this kind, give it a chance nonetheless!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, and the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

Watch the sizes of the stairs or platforms, and the distance between one another, so that you press the spacebar and make jumps at the right power, to not go in between them, but instead get to higher ground and complete Bobbie's Tower online.

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