Demolition Car - Rope and Hook

Demolition Car - Rope and Hook

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Demolition Car - Rope and Hook
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Demolition Car - Rope and Hook Overview


'Demolition Car - Rope and Hook' is one of the top destroying games online, even better since it is another game with cars we've got here to share with you, and we're now going to teach you how and what to do, so that you can make some really wrecking destructions, and have fun in a simulator like none other before it!

Drive the Demolition Car with Rope and Hook!

Use the mouse to control the hook on the rope and attach it to a pressure point of the structure you are meant to demolish in that level, and then hold on to the car and pull to drive it, and pull the building with your hook and rope, so that it gets destroyed.

Achieve the level of destruction required to fill up the progress bar through fully, and to the three stars, and you will have cleared the level. Try getting the perfect score each time!

With each new stage, the buildings you have to destroy get bigger and stronger, but you should use the money you've earned to buy better cars, stronger and bigger ones too, as well as more powerful hooks and ropes.

From the shop, you can buy new:

  1. Cars
  2. Hooks
  3. Ropes

Start right now, become a demolition expert online, and stick around for even more great new games to come, as you can always expect to find!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Destroy big buildings by pulling them down with your car's hook and ropes!
  • The more destruction you cause, the more money you earn for your job!
  • Buy new cars, hooks, and ropes from the shops, and upgrade your power and other stats to earn more money!

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