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Racing Empire

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Racing Empire
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Racing Empire Overview


Do you want to have your own Racing Empire online? Then that's what you get to make yourselves right now in one of the best new car racing games online from our website, an open-world 3D game meant to remind you of classics like Gran Turismo or Need for Speed, as well as other fan favorites, directly from your browsers, with our team knowing that you are always eager to play more games like this!

We've already achieved the dream with this game and became great rules on wheels, something we will now teach you how to do as well!

Let's conquer the Racing Empire online!

The game is set as an open-world multiplayer experience, where you start off with your avatar by walking using the WASD keys, keys that you can also use for driving, where you press the shift key to brake, the spacebar for nitro acceleration, and when you're walking as a human, use F to make choices and select items.

With the first round of money given to you by the game, go to the dealership to buy your first vehicle, spawn it using the button on the left meant for it, and then go around to the green spots on the map, where races await. Enter races with other players, and beat them to the finish line by being the first one to cross it after finishing all the laps.

As you win races against other players, you earn more money, which in turn can be used to customize your character, but, most importantly, to buy new cars from the dealership. Right next to it is the mechanic, where you go to do repairs to your cars in case you're damaging them while racing.

You will take part in drag races, which are made in a straight line, you can do races all around town, similar to F1 races, there will be drifting to be done, and, who knows, maybe you even get to go off-road! Each race shows you its difficulty level before you start it, so take note, and start off easy before trying the harder ones!

Let's begin right now, only here, register to come back to the game daily and get rewards, and tell all your friends about it ASAP!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use WASD, F, space, shift.

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