Highway Traffic Car Simulator

Highway Traffic Car Simulator

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Highway Traffic Car Simulator
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Highway Traffic Car Simulator Overview


Driving well on the highway is one of the most important car driving skills that a person should have in their lives, since highways allow cars and trucks to go big distances, from state to state, even country to country, and their speed limits are higher, with one example being 130 km/H as it is in most of Europe, and the Americans with their own limits.

Well, before you become an adult and get your license to drive on the highway, why not try our awesome car simulator game 3D and experience it virtually, we're sure it is going to represent really good training for you all!

Try the best Highway Traffic Car Simulator online!

The first thing you notice when entering the game is you get daily rewards, so we recommend coming back to this game day after day to get more of them and enhance your experience.

Only the Career mode is available when you begin, with a total of 90 levels, and if you want to unlock the Endless mode, where you drive freely with no end in sight, you do it after level five, and if you want the Time Attack mode, where you are driving to complete the courses before the time runs out, you need to finish level ten.

Reach each checkpoint before the time runs out on you, one after another, and cross the finish line to finish the levels. Now, there are four lanes on the highway, and the first levels only have traffic going one direction, forward, as you do, but in further stages, there will be a two-way traffic highway, so cars are coming from in front of you as well.

Make sure not to crash into the other cars on the road, or you lose, and when you out-take them and have near-misses that you avoid, you will get extra points, so be a bit risky.

Use WASD or the ARROWS to drive, N for Nitro, Q to turn on the lights, and H for the horn.

As you win points for finishing levels, go in the garage and unlock new cars by buying them, you start with a simple Subaru, but you can buy faster and cooler cars like Audis, BMWs, Mustangs, Porches, Benzes, and more!

Start the highway driving game online in 3D right now, enjoy it to its fullest, and stick around for more fun to come as only here you get to find it!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Complete highway drives to earn money to unlock 23 cars!
  • Don't crash, but know that you get extra points for overtaking cars on the road.
  • Enter the Nitro store and buy the NOS upgrades for speed boosts!

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