Offroad Outlaws

Offroad Outlaws

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Offroad Outlaws
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Offroad Outlaws Overview


Offroad Outlaws is a driving simulator game online in 3D where you get to go out in the wild, for which you will need some big trucks and cars, not the regular ones you take out on the highways, something you get to do in this amazing game right now, with easy controls, a big variety of vehicles, a well-developed world with cool graphics, and more about which we will tell you right now!

Become Offroad Outlaws online!

For starters, you will be given money from the game as initial funding so that you are able to buy your first car, which you do from the dealership, where you have four types of vehicles you can acquire:

  • Trucks
  • Premium (better and more expensive trucks)
  • Quads (like ATVs)
  • Crawlers (like buggies)

From the main menu, you can also take your money to customize the car's looks, make upgrades and do tuning to them, and even buy a drone that you can send out ahead of you to learn the environment and drive through it later. Start off by driving through the Woodlands, and then unlock the other maps like the Desert, Rock Park, and Stunt Park.

Use WASD to drive, and the spacebar to brake. Now, as you drive through these harsh environments, try not to crash too much, but you can always restart by hitting the button that appears on the screen to reset. The goal is to complete the courses and earn money from them to get the new trucks, and cars, or make the modifications you dream of.

Of course, if you unlock all the cars and drive through all the maps, you will be real outlaws of the offroad, which you're invited to do right now, and maybe your real driving skills will be improved in the future!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift, and the mouse.

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