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BMX Master

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BMX Master
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BMX Master Overview


Play BMX Master online right now if you always dreamt about becoming one, but are scared to do it in real life, since doing bicycle stunts is not an easy feat, and even we would recommend doing it here, where you can go all out and make the craziest flips, tricks, and jumps, as there is no limit in online games! We've done it, so we can now tell you how, worry not, we're here to guide you!

Become a BMX Master online!

Do it in the championship mode if you want to progress levels to pass, where you need to get a certain amount of points to clear them, which is done by riding the bikes on ramps, platforms, and the like, making jumps, and while in-air doing various tricks to earn your points. Don't screw up the landing, since crashing means having to restart again from scratch.

Do the same in the time attack mode, but make sure to get your points before the allotted time runs out on you completely. Move and balance your bike using the ARROW keys, use the enter key to change directions, and do your tricks with the number keys from 1 to 8. It's as simple and fun as that, so start right now, and don't let the bmx experience pass you by!

How to play?

Use the arrows, enter key, 1-8 keys.

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