Grand Cyber City

Grand Cyber City

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Grand Cyber City
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Grand Cyber City Overview


Grand Cyber City is a really cool new 2 player racing game, a simulator which allows you to do racing and other fun stuff with tons of other vehicles in addition to cars, such as:

  • bikes
  • motorcycles
  • rockets
  • and even parachutes

Let's have fun racing in 2 players with Grand Cyber City online!

Now, all of these vehicles and devices can be experienced through various modes, such as:

  • Free Drive
  • Missions
  • Racing
  • Derby
  • Challenge

As you keep performing well, with the money that you earn you can use the shops in the city and the cyberpunk specialists to get new vehicles, and make all sorts of fun upgrades that will make you cooler, faster, and better!

Here are your controls: Player One drives with WASD, Shift for NOS, Q or E for weapons, T to look behind, R to reset car, and C to change cameras. As for Player Two, they will use ARROWS for driving, M for NOS, J to activate the gun, L to look behind, U to reset cars, and O to change cameras.

Now that all the basics have been explained, you should be ready to start all the fun right now, after which we invite you to stick around for all the other cool new games this day will offer you here!

How to play?

P1: WASD, Shift, Q, E, T, R, C.

P2: ARROWS, M, J, L, U, O.

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