Cyber Racer Battles

Cyber Racer Battles

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Cyber Racer Battles
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Cyber Racer Battles Overview


Racing is fun, and racing in 2 players with our online games for free is even more fun, and the only way we could have made the experience of this game even better was if we were to give you the chance to do this through space, using not cars, but floating cyber cars that also have weapons equipped on them, all of these things being now available for you in this awesome new game called Cyber Racer Battles!

Take part in the most exciting space races in 2 players right now and here!

If you play in the Missions mode, there are twelve maps where you will do battle, having to reach certain goals and checkpoints, as well as defeat enemy hovers that are controlled by the computer, with each new mission being more difficult than the one before it.

If you want a more relaxing experience, and a more liberating one, play the Free Roam mode where you can just drive around and experience the various maps.

For the Race mode, you can race the computer or the second player, doing this through six maps, where you have to do your best to earn the races against your opponents!

The more races you win, the more coins you earn in return, which you can later on use to buy new hovering cars or upgrade them to look better and be driven faster!

Learn the game controls of Cyber Racer Battles:

Player 1 will use W, A, S, D to move, F for missiles, G for machine guns or laser guns, and R to fix the position of the hover if you overturn.

Player 2 uses the arrows for moving, O for missiles, P for using machine guns/laser guns, L for fixing the hover's position.

It's all that simple, so let the fun begin right now, and leave nowhere since it would be a shame for you not to play even more of our cool new games of the day!

How to play?

P1: W, A, S, D, F, G, R. P2: arrows, O, P, L.

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