Janissary Battles

Janissary Battles

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Janissary Battles
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Janissary Battles Overview


Janissary Battles is here to show you once more how fun games with 2 players can be, especially fighting and action games, where you can use a variety of weapons to go up against the other player, something we will teach you how to do, in case you've not played any of these games before, which we already have as individual ones too!

Win the Janissary Battles in 2 players right now and here!

You will randomly be assigned a game, where you will battle each other with arrows, swords, spears, tanks, cannons, or axes, with the goal being to deplete the health bar of the other one and get more wins on them than they do on you. The first player to achieve it wins!

One player will activate their shot using the W key, while the other player uses the Up arrow. One player is Blue, the other one is Red, and the number of wins each of you gets will all be recorded, so try your best to get a bigger score than your opponent.

We wish both of you good luck and fun, and we invite you here back tomorrow, when we return with even more amazing games just for you!

How to play?

Use the W key and Up arrow.

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