Grand Extreme Racing

Grand Extreme Racing

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Grand Extreme Racing
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Grand Extreme Racing Overview


Grand Extreme Racing is here to prove why F1 racing games online in 3D are just as popular as real-life sports. This car racing circuit has taken over pop culture in the past few years, as it mixes great personalities for drivers, exciting stories, and, of course, the fastest type of cars, the Formula 1 cars, which are equipped with engines you cannot take out on the streets, which is why you're invited to drive them virtually here, and feel the need for speed and satisfy it!

Race and win with Grand Extreme Racing online!

The three modes of play in this game are:

  1. Championship, where you have to win a multitude of races on circuits all across the globe and amass more points than the other racers to climb the leaderboards and be the #1 spot in the rankings to win!
  2. Challenge, where you get one target requirement after another in each race you participate in!
  3. Practice where you go to hone your skills without pressure and have the pleasure of learning to drive F1 cars online!
Drive F1 Cars online, and race them solo or in 2 Players!

Yes, the modes we've just talked about can be played by yourself, where you race against the CPU in the 1P mode, or you can race against another real player, who will use the same computer as you in the 2P mode, for which you use the following sets of controls:

  • Player 1 drives with the ARROWS, M for NOS, and O to restart the car's position.
  • Player 2 drives with the WASD keys, L-Shift for NOS, and R to restart the car's position.
Win races to get faster F1 cars!

To win the races, you need to be the first one to cross the finish line at the end of all the laps against all the other racers. If you do it fast and perform great, you earn cash prizes, which you can then take to the garage menu, where you buy the other vehicles. The more expensive they get, the faster they are!

Drive across the world behind Formula 1 cars online!

This game has managed to recreate famous circuits from across the globe in popular destinations such as:

  • Melbourne - Australia
  • Aintree - UK
  • Mexico City
  • Sao Paulo - Brazil
  • Monza - Italy
  • Berlin - Germany
  • Baku - Azerbaijan
  • Istanbul - Turkey
  • Long Beach - US
  • Bowmanville - Canada

Start the F1 racing experience online of your dreams right now, and tell your friends to come around and play this, too. They won't regret it!

How to play?


P2: WASD, L-Shift, R.

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