Extreme Runway Racing

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What is Extreme Runway Racing?

Extreme Runway Racing

Extreme Runway Racing is going to be one of the top new car racing and driving games online in 3D, which has stunts, platforms, ramps, and all sorts of cool elements to make the gameplay experience really exciting for you all, as we know that the boys and men who visit our website are always up for this kind of experience, as proven earlier!

Have fun with Extreme Runway Racing online!

The Arcade mode is available for both the Single Player option and the Multiplayer option, the only difference being that in the first one, you race against bots, and in the other one you race against other real players.

If you choose the Time Trial mode, you need to race against the timer, having to reach the finish line before you hit zero seconds, otherwise, you have failed the challenge.

Player 1 uses the ARROW keys for driving, H to respawn, while Player 2 uses the WASD keys for driving, C to respawn. These are the basics, so now that you know them so well, you should be ready to start giving this game your absolute best right now, by yourself or with a friend, either way, we fully recommend it!

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P2: WASD, C.

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