MX OffRoad Master

MX OffRoad Master

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MX OffRoad Master
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MX OffRoad Master Overview


MX OffRoad Master gives the visitors of our website something that they have been wanting more of for a long time, and that is more bicycle games in 2 players, and we believe it to be even better if we're talking about one where you can ride off-road mountain bikes, some of the coolest ones in the world, just like you will see is the case right now!

Do you have what it takes to become an MX OffRoad Master?

There are two modes for you to play this game in, in addition to alone or with someone:

  • Mountain Ride: here you go on the mountains, having multiple levels with their tracks getting more difficult, and you try reaching the end of the off-road courses before the other biker.
  • Free Ride: don't compete, don't hurry, just take your time to explore the locations that this game rendered for you in 3d.

For each of the two modes you can play 1P or 2P, and the controls you use are the following:

  • Player 1: WASD to move, space to brake.
  • Player 2: Arrows to move, R-shift to brake.

We wish both of you the best mountain biking experience, at least virtually, and definitely invite you to see what more awesome games in two players you can find here!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.

P2: Arrows, shift.

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