Offroad Muddy Trucks

Offroad Muddy Trucks

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Offroad Muddy Trucks
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Offroad Muddy Trucks Overview


Offroad Muddy Trucks is a monster truck simulator game, and one that comes with the option of being played in two players as well, it has 3D realistic environments and tons of really fun new tracks set out in the wilderness, and did we say there are many trucks you can drive? Well, it is all true, and we're now telling you more about it ASAP, so you can begin having all the fun you want right away!

Let's explore the Offroad Muddy Trucks online!

The first way you can play this game in is the Free Mode, where you explore the offroad trucks filled with mud just to get familiar with their routes, and to do it as you would drive in real life just for the fun of it, so go out and explore!

If you want a challenge, try the Racing Mode, where you race against the computer or against the player using the same computer to be the first one that crosses the finish line at the end of the muddy off-roads!

Of course, as you win races or explore new environments, you will be able to buy new trucks and unlock them.

Here are the sets of controls you need to know for the 2P mode:

  • Player 1 drives with WASD, L-Shift for NOS, R to restart, F to switch cars (they need to be near you).
  • Player 2 drives with the ARROW keys, R-Shift for NOS, M to restart, and N to switch cars.

Now that all the rules and gameplay mechanisms have been explained, feel fully confident to start the game, and stick around for more fun to come, you're in for plenty of it, as only here is possible to have it!

How to play?

P1: WASD, L-Shift, R, F.

P2: ARROWS, R-Shift, M, N.

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