Trucks Race

Trucks Race

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Trucks Race
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Trucks Race Overview


We know for a fact that a Trucks Race game online is going to be eaten up by all the boys and men visiting our website, since they never go wrong with truck racing games online in 3D, even more so with those that WE bring over since our administrative team is always dedicated to bringing you the best new content you can find on the internet!

Can you win the Trucks Race online?

Hold the left mouse button or the finger on the screen, depending if you are playing on a computer or phone so that you go along the green route, but make sure to stop when you get near crossroads so that you avoid collision with the trains or other cars on the roads because hitting into them means losing.

Instead, race to get the cargo, drop it off at the requested places, and try to collect coins along the road, and also through the air, as you jump from the top of the hill at the end of each level.

It's a game full of excitement, where you try your best to be better and faster than all the other truckers so that you win the race of companies battling each other in this world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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