Turbo Trucks Race

Turbo Trucks Race

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Turbo Trucks Race
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Turbo Trucks Race Overview


Come and take part in the Turbo Trucks Race online! In this truck racing game, 3d, 18-wheeler trucks are no longer used for transport but for racing. They've been upgraded with a better engine for speed, and they even have NOS! Yes, you've read that right. Let's show you the basics so you can start winning races at once!

Win the Turbo Trucks Race online!

You can race in the 1P mode or 2P mode. Either way, you only win if you speed ahead of the other trucks and cross the finish line first. There are five trucks on the courses. In the two-player mode, two of them are controlled by other players. In case you want to know how, here are the controls:

  • Player 1 uses WASD to drive, L-Shift for Nitro, and T to connect the trailer.
  • Player 2 drives with the ARROWS, R-Shift for Nitro, and K to connect the trailer.

You get points in return as you win the races, no matter the mode. Use the money you get in the main menu to buy new trucks to drive. Can you win and unblock all of them? Only the fastest truck racers can, and we hope you're one of them!

How to play?

  • P1: WASD, L-Shift, T.
  • P2: ARROWS, R-Shift, K.

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