Offroad Masters Challenge

Offroad Masters Challenge

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Offroad Masters Challenge
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Offroad Masters Challenge Overview


Offroad Masters Challenge is going to be without a doubt one of the best new truck games for 2 players from our website, where we know that such experiences are always better had with yet another real player using the same computer, an experience you should not be missing out on right now, even if you have to play it solo, as you are still going to have quite a blast with it!

Can you take on the Offroad Masters Challenge?!

If you choose the career mode, you will have to drive through multiple levels of increasing difficulty to win the game, advancing through the stages and becoming a better offroad driver using the jeeps and trucks.

In the Free Drive mode, you just roam around, while the Derby mode is a racing challenge where you try your best at being the first one that crosses the finish lines.

Here are the controls that the two players should know about before they start driving and racing:

  • Player 1 uses the ARROWS for driving, R to reset the car, F for lights, and C for cameras.
  • Player 2 uses the WASD keys for driving, O for resets, L for lights, and K to switch cameras.

We wish you both great luck and tons of fun to have here and really hope that you stick around for more fun to come since we always promise to bring you amazing new content, and it never fails to impress, for sure!

How to play?

P1: ARROWS, R, F, C.

P2: WASD, O, L, K.

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