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Wheelie Bike

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Wheelie Bike
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Wheelie Bike is an adventure and balance game in which you will have to prove that you can ride your bike on one wheel.

The game will test you from the beginning because it is an endless type game, that is the end of the game the user does when he can no longer overcome a certain obstacle. As the main character, we find Stick Man who has a simple black bike. Your mission will be to try to help the stick man to get as far as possible in this adventure in a short time and to get through all these missions you will have to ride a bicycle with one wheel.

The game is quite simple, but you will notice that it is not easy at all to ride a bicycle only on the rear wheel; first you have to press the mouse to get on the back wheel of the bike, after which you will have to keep your balance as long as possible to overcome all obstacles in the game, on a longer portion of the route. As you can see, when you leave the mouse, the bicycle will leave you again on the front wheel and you will go again on two wheels, classic, but this is wrong, because when the front wheel touches the ground again the game will end, and you will have to start over.

The purpose of the Wheelie Bike game is to beat your record every time, so you will have to try to race yourself and become better, but for this, you need the experience and know-how to ride your bike. better. In the lower-left side of the screen you will see your record, respectively the best score you managed to reach, and on the lower right side, you will see how many times you died and resumed the adventure.

Throughout the game, our cyclist will encounter all kinds of obstacles, geometric shapes (square, triangle, sphere, trapeze) or other geometric figures that he will have to overcome using only the back wheel of the bicycle.
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