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Short Life

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Short Life
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Will you lead a Short Life? Well, IRL, we hope not, but in this game, who knows? Let's play a new survival game, a bloody game that has fascinated the internet, and so will you! It's a game not aimed at kids, as it can be really gory, but it is really fun, and quite funny at times too!

Don't live a Short Life online!

You start your life as a homeless man. That's your avatar, but as you keep playing, you will be able to unlock new ones. Use the arrows to move, jump, and crouch. Those are the controls you use.

In each level you try reaching its end, as each course is filled with tons and tons of deadly traps. For example, you've got spikes spinning around, and they will cut you up and make you into pieces. Speaking of pieces and bits, you should avoid mine. They blow you up to smithereens!

For each of the sixteen levels, new traps appear. You can have cannons, seesaws, gas tanks, or even a giant foot that wants to step on you. Figure out the best ways to get past the traps and reach the finish line. If you get killed, you restart.

As you go along, try to collect stars. You can use the stars in the shop to buy new avatars. Maybe a businessman, or a police officer. They are just as miserable, but at least they look different.

Traps are everywhere! In front, at your back, up, and down! It's easy to get killed by them, as the game wants to get you all the time. Be smarter, and stay ahead!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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